Friday, January 10, 2014

not a blogger...

One of these days I will be better at blogging,
...but for now, you can stay updated 
through my facebook page.

There is some exciting news, for my you all know, I had a studio in town, for about 6 months, the lady I rented from did not renew the lease, and so for the last several months I've been shooting in my home (like I did for the previous 2.5 years). 

Coming SPRING 2014, I am teaming up with my photographer friend, Jackie Dvorak, with J. Dvorak Photography, and we will be opening up a Photography Studio, downtown Monticello.  
Keep watch for more details.

check out the new face-lift on the website...which still needs some more work!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tupperware Deals

Thought I'd share the deals I had available 
at my Tupperware Open House, 
all items have been discounted. 

Prices are as stated, 
no shipping, 
available for pick up in Monticello.
(Supplies limited, first come basis.)

such awesome deals!
keep up to date with all the deals Tupperware has to offer, 
find me on facebook 
or place a direct order through my website

Some current deals, that are hard to pass up are
sale goes through Jan. 11
deals available online, so go ahead and place your order
from the comfort of your own computer chair!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Snow Biz

we enjoyed a special moment with our 3rd grader,
it's a great feeling to see him on stage, 
searching the crowd for us, 
and gleaming ear to ear, once he found us
we had one proud/happy boy!
very pleased to have Mom, Dad AND Nana come see him!
we got to see his many projects, that he's been working so hard on
it was interesting to see a few things that the kids have created in computer class,
one of his favorites!
Mom likes to "shop" and "relax"...very surprised there isn't a camera, 
or even Tupperware in the photo, lol. 
Dad "likes" to go to work and "hunt"
....pretty accurate descriptions, I'd have to say!

Thanks to all the school staff, 
so being so wonderful with our children, 
we really enjoyed all the hard work 
that was put into this program!

**on another note,
I had my first "Open House"
it sure was fun...wishing more locals would have stopped in,
but we sure hope to try it again, after the Holidays.
visit my Tupperware site,
and also check out the AWESOME DEALS on my facebook page.
I'm placing an order on Friday, if you want to get in on any of them!
Tupperware Ladies!!
...let me know if you want to have a party, and score on some FREE Tupperware!

We had some WONDERFUL vendors at the Open House
Sara with Paparazzi Accessories
Crystal with Crystal Lee Photography
Crystal with Tupperware 
and also Raina with Tupperware, 
Jen with Norwex
Sara with Scentsy
Lisa with Lily Bella Couture
Rita with Edina Realty

Sunday, December 2, 2012


You know how I always talk about how I just don't have enough time
in each day to get stuff done,
well.....somehow I thought I had enough time to start
selling Tupperware, lol! 
Yes, it's true!
...well, it all started cause I had a Tupperware party
and fell in love with their chopper (the Quick Chef Pro)
and it was either pay $69 for the item
or purchase a Starter Kit, which included that item plus LOTS more, for $99.
So I went with the kit, really with no intentions of becoming a consultant,
 but last month I sold over $900, hitting two goals and getting lots of FREE gifts
from Tupperware, that I decided to keep at it,
...we'll see were it goes.
Anyway, now I'm REALLY busy, and feeling a little CRAZY too! :)

check out my new Tupperware page.
If you are interested in hosting a Tupperware Party and earning FREE Tupperware, let me know!
I also have a Tupperware Fundraiser going on until Dec. 14th, there are EXCLUSIVE items available and Tupperware will donate 40% of sales to my Church, Laestadian Lutheran Church of Monticello. If you order from me, there will be no shipping charges, if you order online, shipping charges may apply!

AND I'm planning on having an OPEN HOUSE on Tues. Dec. 18th 2-6:00pm, so plan on stopping by, I will have TUPPERWARE items available for those last minute shoppers, ready to take home PLUS lots of door prizes AND there will also be NORWEX product available, ready to take home!

Here's Santa and I, taken yesterday,
during my "Santa Portraits 2012" event
I held at Do-Overs in Monticello,
where over 100 kids came to visit Santa.
View more photo's from the event here.

speaking about Tupperware, here's a deal you can't pass up!
 ALL items for $29!...let me know if you want to order!

Here is party of our Tupperware Team with our Executive Director Jan!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Happy Halloween

well, the Lee household is kickin off the "Fall Break" by carving pumpkins, 
thanks to Edina Realty, and my dear friend Rita, 
who on Saturday had a  Pumpkin Giveaway and lots of fun things for the kiddos.
It was great, the kids got to go around to the different offices and get candy, they had a big jumping house for the kids and Culver's was there, scooping up ice-cream for everyone...that was our "Halloween".

So, for the last few day's, the kids have been asking "when can we carve our pumpkins?..." so tonight it was.

I had the kids draw their pumpkin face onto the pumpkin with permanent marker
 and then I carved out their design and they cleaned out the insides
definitely a success!...and it actually was fun! ;)
Happy Halloween!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

a little princess

such joy a baby brings
as sweet as they are, they are unpredictable.
we happened to get several great family photo's,
but then little Miss C decided she was done.
So we rescheduled, and did her portraits a different day!
beautiful headband(s) from Lily Bella Couture
 Visit me on facebook!

Friday, July 20, 2012

we are silly

I pass this patch of flowers every day and thought it would be a great place for a photo session, so last night I decided to try and coordinate my kid's and run over there and snap a few photo's...well it wasn't as easy as I had hoped! My baby was being fussy and it was so humid out, and no one seemed to cooperate.  But in the end, like always, some how, I got many great photo's and it's hard to even tell that there was such chaos. It helped that I let the kids be silly!
view the video/slide show from our mini session here

Thursday, July 19, 2012

here are the babies...

here are the babies I was telling you about.  It was such a busy week. I enjoyed having all the babies in the studio, but then I got thinking that my own baby gets a tad neglected, when it comes to photo's, so I snuck in yet another session, making it 6 babies in 9 nine days. Here they are:

Baby K, 10 days old, has a real special spot in my heart, she's my God-child, and being that my son and her are just 3 months apart in age, I'm sure they'll be great friends, and so I had to get a photo of them together.
I thought she had a ton of hair should see her now, I love it!
I hope I get to photograph her again soon, so you can see what I'm talking about


Baby B, 1 month old
aren't these ties adorable?
and see all the fun stuff she has


Baby C, 2 weeks old, and company
these beautiful headbands are from
check out her shop!


Baby B, 5 weeks old


Baby G, is One!
again, most items worn are from Addielynn's Bowtique!


and last, but certainly not least,
my own baby.
Anderson, 4 months old!
another great tie from Nellie Bug's Tutus & More,
check out her etsy shop

next up,
this adorable family,
stay tuned!